Leading conversations for digital safeguarding

Sarah Carlick’s professional and personal story is unique. As a result, she brings innovation, authenticity and passion when describing her journey, which has seen her move seamlessly from the role of social worker to international social care tech pioneer.

Sarah’s commitment to creating a better future for safeguarding makes her an inspiring public speaker. Her style is fun, engaging and is based on personal experience and evidenced-based practice.

Speaking Experience

I have worked across many different sectors. The core of my focus is in the following areas: Children’s Social Care, the Online Safety Tech, Education, Police, Health and  the Voluntary and Third Sector (Charities)

Covering the following:

* Understanding of how a child or service user’s information travels through databases

* Digital front door for service users

* Conceptual frameworks for digital safeguarding

* Apps as a communication tool

* Research methodology in the development of mixed-methods approaches using creative techniques for children being equal research partners

* Child-centred design

* Safer digital platforms

Consultancy – what can I do for you?

As an expert on Safeguarding, Safer Cultures, Digital Technology and Social Care my true flare is combining these to ignite a digital safeguarding revolution. This approach to safeguarding is unique building digital solutions to create digitally safer cultures and new safer digital working practices. Actively encouraging partnerships between your organization and your service users.

* Safeguarding consultancy

* Expert witness

* Independent safeguarding supervision

* Independent safeguarding lead for the board or safeguarding committees

* Safeguarding advice and guidance on the deign and security of new digital platforms

* Writing digital safeguarding policies and procedures

* Researcher

* Writing safeguarding digital strategies

* Principles, themes, functions and architecture of the development of safeguarding apps

* Digital solutions for managing organisational safeguarding risks

* Digital safeguarding learning tools

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